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SPC WorkBench is simple yet powerful software that enables you perform
On-Line Statistical Process Control on the shop floor.

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Dynaroll Corp., USA
Sandvik Asia, India
Tata Motors, India
VisioCorp, UK
SPC WorkBench puts together Variable and Attribute Control Charts, Histograms and Capability Analysis, Pareto Diagrams,
and all that is required to implement a math-anxiety-free SPC.


Variable SPC
  • SPC for Variable characteristics using
    • X-Bar/R charts,
    • X-MR charts and
    • X-Bar/s charts.

  • Monitor Process Capability with Histograms, Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk indices.

  • Estimate PPM levels.

  • Normal Probability Plot of the data.

  • Verify normality of data through the AD test.

SPC WorkBench Main Screen: Click to view larger image
Charts: Click to view larger image Attribute SPC
  • SPC for Attribute characteristics using
    • p charts,
    • np charts,
    • c charts and
    • u charts.

  • Specify Defect Classification for Attribute parameters.

  • Perform Pareto Analysis with the classification of defects.

  • Supports Constant Control Limits and Variable Control Limits.

  • Set up the process easily through a Process Set-up Wizard.
  • Powerful reports based on filters that you provide.
  • Import data easily with simple copy and paste from MS Excel.
  • Update Control Limits as required, and rationalize data by excluding outliers.
  • Adjust processes based on signals of drift and out-of-control.
  • Trigger email alerts to selected users on out-of-control and low capability situations.
  • Attach Event information with data.
  • Detailed help on using the software is installed with the software.
SPC Signal: Click to view larger image
View Demo Videos hosted on the SymphonyTech website guide you through the workflow of using SPC WorkBench effectively.
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Pareto Diagram for Attributes: Click to view larger image
Pareto Diagram for Attributes
Report Builder for Stratified Reports: Click to view larger image
Report Builder for Stratified Reports
Data List View: Click to view larger image
Data List View

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