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Practitioners of Statistical Process Control (SPC) need to have a very clear understanding of what SPC is and how it works. For years a mechanical Quincunx model that drops balls over number of pins and simulates real-life processes has been used for this learning. The physical quincunx (also called the Bean Machine) was invented by Sir Francis Galton.

Here is the SPC Training Simulator Software that has several additional features to the physical Galton Board.

The SPC Training Simulator has been found very effective for Training in classroom environment as well as for self-learning. It is being successfully used by Quality Managers, Facilitators, Trainers, and Consultants:
  • in SPC awareness programs in organizations,
  • in Green Belt and Black Belt training, and also
  • in Universities

Use this software to simulate and study:
  • Fundamentals of Normal Distribution
  • Control Charting and its physical significance
  • Detection of Out-Of-Control situations using Control Charts
  • Process Capability Vs Process Control
  • Process Capability Indices like Cp, Cpk
  • Process Variation and factors causing variation
  • Process Adjustment and Drift
  • Demonstration of the Central Limit Theorem
  • Effects of Subgroup Size on Control Chart Sensitivity

The Quincunx Simulator is often used in classrooms to simulate a manufacturing process. It can be effectively used to visually demonstrate concept of variation, and control charts. Trainers and consultants will find this simulator very useful. Here is a video showing how the SPC Simulator works and how it can be used.
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Thomas Pyzdek says:
I took the time to look at your SPC Simulator and it certainly looks much better and more complete than the commercial product I've been using...

I especially like the ability to change the variance by manipulating the number of rows of pins.

When I teach with the quincunx I have the class break into teams, choose a variable from a process they are familiar with that they will call "Y," a measurable process output. Then I have them develop lists of things that effect Y, these are X's. Then I equate the rows of pins with the X's and the bin the pin drops into with the Y and show them how they can only reach process goals such as six sigma by eliminating X's.

Your software will make this simple to demonstrate.

Steve Clapp says:
A picture is worth a thousand words, but a hands-on simulator is priceless...

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