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Data Entry Screen- Supports subgrouped data
Pre-Control WorkBench Data Entry Screen: Click for larger view

Pre-Control WorkBench-New Process Setup
Pre-Control WorkBench-New Process Setup: Click for larger view

Pre-Control WorkBench: A shopfloor implementation of control charts for controlling non-conformances

Pre-Control has been practiced as an alternative to the classical Statistical Process Control. It is an easy-to-use technique that can be easily applied on the shop-floor. Pre-Control is described in details by the 2nd Edition of the AIAG SPC manual.

Pre-Control is a technique for controlling the quality of products based on Specification Limits rather than Control Limits. Pre-Control chart focusses on control of product non-conformances rather than control of process.

The Pre-Control WorkBench software from SymphonyTech combines the ease and simplicity of shop-floor implementation, supplemented by the power of Process Capability evaluation.

Features of the software are:

  • Well demarcated Qualification and Production runs
  • Automatic signals to switch from Qualification to Production and back based on observed data
  • Signals for actions based on observed data in Green, Yellow and Red zones
  • Facility for logging events and actions
  • Multiple characteristics possible in a process
  • Color coded signals for each data point/ data pair logged

To make your Pre-Control implementation smooth and quick we provide you:
  • A white-paper guiding you through Pre-Control theory and implementation.
    Download it here.

Pre-Control should be used while your process goes on, to make timely corrections to the process. It is easy, and effective for non-conformance control.

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Pre-Control WorkBench-Capability
Pre-Control WorkBench-Capability: Click for larger view

Pre-Control WorkBench Report
Pre-Control WorkBench Report: Click for larger view

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