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GD&T WIZ Tutor
GD&T WIZ Tutor
GD&T WIZ Tutor is a Computer-Based Learning System for
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing from Symphony Technologies.

GD&T WIZ Tutor is based on the latest ASME Y14.5 - 2009.
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Customers Worldwide:
GE Medical Systems, India
Kloen Inc., USA
Nacco Materials Handling Group, India
Tata Motors, India
Valeo Compressors, Thailand
Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles, India
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing is a standard for Engineering Drawing and related Documentation Practices. GD&T ensures that the intent of the designer is communicated across the board without ambiguity.

This learning system provides visually powerful, interactive and animated explanations that enable you to learn complex GD&T concepts with ease. Voice over explainations in simple language make the learning easy and anxiety-free. Work through GD&T WIZ Tutor at a pace you find comfortable for learning.

GD&T WIZ Tutor will benefit people in Manufacturing, Design, Materials and Quality to clearly understand the concepts and to have a uniform interpretation of every aspect of GD&T.

Trainers can use GD&T WIZ Tutor as a powerful aid to explain complex concepts.

Five workouts in quiz format help learners evaluate what they learn.

Principles of Datums: Click to View Flash Animation
GD&T WIZ Tutor Sample Screen:Principles of Datums: Click to view Flash Animation

Profile of a Line: Click to View Flash Animation
GD&T WIZ Tutor Sample Screen:Profile of a Line: Click to View Flash Animation
GD&T WIZ Tutor covers the vast breadth of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing without compromising on the depth.
The topics covered are:
  • GD&T System

    • Feature Control Frames
    • Definitions of Terms
    • Classification of Features
  • Virtual Conditions

    • Understanding MMC and LMC
    • Virtual Conditions with MMC
    • Virtual Conditions with LMC
    • Defining Tolerances RFS
  • Bonus Tolerance

    • Understanding Bonus Tolerance
    • Bonus Tolerance for MMC Virtual Conditions
    • Bonus Tolerance for LMC Virtual Conditions
  • Rules of GD&T

    • Rule #1
    • Rule #2
  • Datums

    • Introduction to Datums
    • Definitions Related to Datums
    • Principles of Datum Specification
    • Surface Datums
    • Datums on Features of Size
    • Datums applied with MMB
    • Datums applied with LMB
    • Datums applied RMB
  • Orientation Tolerances

    • Overview of Orientation Tolerances
    • Parallelism Tolerance
    • Perpendicularity Tolerance
    • Projected Tolerance Zone
    • Angularity Tolerance
  • Location Tolerances

    • Overview of Location Tolerances
    • Positional Tolerance
    • Positional Tolerance Applied at MMC
    • Positional Tolerance Applied at LMC
    • Positional Tolerance Applied RFS
    • Composite Positional Tolerancing
    • Concentricity Tolerance
    • Symmetry Tolerance
  • Form Tolerances

    • Overview of Form Tolerances
    • Straightness Tolerance
    • Flatness Tolerance
    • Roundness Tolerance
    • Cylindricity Tolerance
  • Runout Tolerances

    • Circular Runout Tolerance
    • Total Runout Tolerances
  • Profile Tolerances

    • Profile of a Line
    • Profile of a Surface
  • Formulas for determining Positional Tolerances

    • Floating Fastener Case
    • Fixed Fastener Case
  • Functional Gage Design

    • Principles of Functional Gage Design
    • Example of a Functional Gage
  • GD&T Symbols overview

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