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FMEA Executive AIAG-VDA Edition Software for Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

Software for Failure Mode & Effects Analysis Based on AIAG-VDA Harmonized Edition
Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a structured approach to evaluation and mitigation of risks. It is a popular tool for identification and risk management for Design and Process failures.

SymphonyTech have been offering FMEA software for the past 25 years. Our software in Quality systems have given our customers quantum benefits.

FMEA Executive AIAG-VDA Edition by SymphonyTech

FMEA Executive software helps you perform Design and Process FMEA. The Seven-step process recommended by the FMEA Handbook is implemented here.

  • Planning & Preparation
  • Structure Analysis
  • Function Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Results Documentation

Thoughtfully designed features help you take your FMEA effort beyond mere documentation. Your FMEA initiative becomes Effective and a Result oriented one.

FMEA Executive AIAG-VDA Edition

FMEA Executive AIAG-VDA Edition

Design & Process FMEAs: an organized structure

With FMEA Executive you will:

  • Quickly identify and resolve problems
  • Track Actions effectively
  • Build upon the accumulated knowledgebase of the organization
  • Comply to the latest FMEA standards

Create Tree Diagrams to map the Design FMEA Structures.
Organize the Process FMEA Structures in a well-structured ladder of

  • Process Item
  • Process Step
  • Process Work Element


FMEA Structure Diagram

Structure -Function Failure Relationships 

Structure-Function Failure Relationships

Structure-Function Failure Relitionships

Use FMEA Executive to effectively model Structure-Function-Failure relationships.

Reach Failures through a structured path. Your timely actions prevent Failures and get your customer free of troublesome Effects of Failure.

Focus upon actionable Causes. Avoid Failures. Get rid of troublesome Effects.

Your FMEAs go beyond mere documentation. They give you the power to avoid failures.

Improve processes. Identify and take care of trouble making Failures early. Give a better process assurance.

Function Nets and Failure Chains

Functions in products are inter-related. Failures cascade from one another. FMEA Executive enables you create Function Nets and Failure Chains.
Failures show up as

  • Causes at the base level of the Product or Process Structure: take actions here
  • Failure Modes at the focussed level : Identify failures here
  • Effects at the higher level closest to the customer: Evaluate seriousness of impact here
Build Function Nets to understand cascading functions.
Use Failure chains to drive actions.

Function Net

FMEA Function Net

Action planning and tracking 

Action planning and tracking

FMEA Action tracking screen

Actions are taken on Failure Causes. FMEA Executive enables you

  • Plan multiple actions.
  • Track improvements.
  • Make your Product and Process robust with every improvement action.
  • Achieve lower incidence of Failures.
  • Close the actions that have worked.
  • Track actions in progress.
  • Align and schedule resources that will lead you to success.

Powerful Reporting to manage by exception
  • Prioritize actions. Look at serious failures on priority.
  • Track open actions. Plan for upcoming deadlines.
  • Evaluate FMEA performance.
  • Ensure FMEAs are living and current.
  • Manage by exception. Focus your efforts on what will mitigate Risks of Failures.

FMEA Report

FMEA Report

Catalogue accumulated knowledge bank upon past successes  

Database search

FMEA VDA Database search

Your actions lead to success. Some may not result in desirable outcomes.

All the work you do in terms of Function and Failure identification, Actions, successes, cautions gets committed to a database. This database is valuable resource to your organization.

Analysts can search through this Accumulated Knowledge.

Emulate past successes. Tread with caution on risky paths.

Your problem-solving cycles becomes shorter in lead time. Your actions yield more effective results as you progress through solving problems and cataloguing lessons learned.

Multiple cause failures- Sequenced Event failures

Failures are often triggered by combination of multiple causes, each occurring independently.

Model such failures by Fault Tree Analysis.

Failures can be triggered by sequence of events.

Model Sequenced Event Failures by Event Tree Analysis.

You can evaluate the Fault and Event Trees to calculate areas of high risk. Strategies of redundancy and strengthening weak chains will improve system performance and reduce failures drastically.

You can evaluate potential improvements resulting out of improved product and process design.

Fault Tree Analysis

Fault Tree Analysis

User management 

Activate multiple users in the organization. Assign them roles for each FMEA. Effectively manage user access and assign privileges to authorized personnel.

Network implementation

FMEA is a Team activity. A FMEA software works best on a network spanning across the organization.

Cross functional teams will have their specific views of the Failure prevention strategy and contribute their actions towards better products and processes.

FMEA Executive software is available in both, stand-alone Desktop mode as well as Network mode.

FMEA VDA Network implementation
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