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Actionable Reports:

FMEA Executive: Actionable Reports

This screen shows a sample of the RPN/Severity Priority Report created with FMEA Executive software.

Some of the Actionable Reports generated by FMEA Executive are:
  • Simple FMEA Listing- Output selected FMEA in a printable spreadsheet format.
  • Audit Trail showing history of visits to an FMEA by its team members and their actions.
  • RPN/Severity priority report sorted by Severity or RPN. Also creates a Pareto chart.
  • Failure Mode priority report and Pareto chart on RPN
  • Overall actions overdue and also those for individual team members.
  • Report on actions successfully closed.

Nicely formatted reports can be directly printed or saved in various formats such as MS Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet or PDF.

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