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FMEA Database search: Knowledge Management

This screen shows the extensive Keyword Search feature in FMEA Executive software.

FMEA Executive keeps all your FMEAs in a common server-based database. Information about Items, Process Steps, Functions, Requirements, Failure Modes, Causes and Effects and actions taken is stored in this database.

This entire knowledge can be easily searched on keywords.

You can simply enter a keyword and specify the fields where you wish to look for it. FMEA Executive returns all the places in the entire database where the specified keyword appears.

Failure Modes that you have previously encountered and worked on, actions that have worked as well as those that have not worked, ...the entire knowledge-base on FMEA is now at hand.

This helps you build upon the experiences and work done in the past. Learning from the past will shorten your problem solving cycle and make it more effective.

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