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FMEA Executive organizes FMEA as a Tree Structure:

Screen showing FMEA organized as a logical tree structure

This screen shows how FMEA Executive organizes FMEA as a Tree Structure.

The structure is built up by adding nodes for
  • Process,
  • Function,
  • Requirement and
  • Failure Modes
in a hierarchical manner using context sensitive menus.

Causes and Effects of each failure can be added to each Failure Mode.

The screen shot also shows a list of external documents attached to the FMEA.

FMEA Executive provides a facility to check-in a wide variety of external documents into the FMEA data repository.

Documents in various formats, e.g. MS Word docs, test data spreadsheets, pictures of failed components, scanned documents containing standard operating procedures and a wealth of other information that needs to go with FMEA can be attached to an FMEA.

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